Hello I need help knowing more about this guitar, it says epiphone custom, and by the serial I know it was made in 2005 but all the custom les paul Ive seen have gold hardware and a pickup cover, so Im intrigued by this one, on the back it also says epiphone custom shop and I dont know whats that, any help would be apreciated, thanks.

This was a limited edition model, and yes, it's still a Custom. What makes a Gibson "Custom" is a fully bound neck and headstock as well as block inlays (rather than trapezoid) and a split-diamond headstock inlay. "Epiphone Custom Shop" means that this is an unusual custom ornamentation style - my blue SG has the same logo.
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whats a bound neck?

Having the white on the sides of the neck. Makes it pretty.
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oh the binding! I feel stupid

so this guitar is the same as the ones with gold hardware and stuff but uglier? great
Yeah it's the same as the other Customs, which in turn are the same as the Standards. In the last couple of years Epiphone updated their line it seems so now Customs are all-mahogany while Standards are mahogany and maple, but in 2005 the Customs were definitely the same mahogany body with a maple cap that the Standards are.

So pretty much the only thing special about that guitar is the chrome hardware and uncovered pickups. Though I have noticed that guitars that are marked with the "Epiphone Custom Shop" stamp seem to have been taken care of that little bit better, the fret ends tend to be nicely rounded off, I've not seen any finish flaws in any of them, that kind of thing. I guess it means they go through a little extra quality control or something.