Well, I've written the guitar music for a song and have gotten it fairly well thought out. I can write lyrics without any issues, BUT I can't, for the life of me, write any vocal music that makes me happy. Everytime I come up with a melody that doesn't sound awful, it totally makes the song sound differently than what I want (It gets too happy). Any tips for me? I'm getting extremely frustrated with it. (sad face)

Thanks, guys!
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yes, try writing the other way around. try writing the melody away from the guitar, and come back to guitar and try to make it work with the chords or whatever. Another thing you definitely need to hear is that happy is good! okay, it might not always be what you're looking for, and for us depressed musicians, we are unnecessarily hard on happy. any time I've actually developed a happy melody into a full song, it really grew on me every time to the point where those are some of my favorite songs now!

You have to give it a chance. If that's what doesn't sound horrible, what are you going to do, make it horrible then? The point is, as you write a song, things change about it anyways, and as you get deeper into it you see new things that you can do to add to the feeling. Being happy then adding your vocal flair or passion into it is not a bad way to go to make a song that you will probably end up enjoying immensely. You have to have faith that you can make something that you will like.

Otherwise, I would suggest retrogression for your chords, because that might be where your problem lies, in the fact that the chords you are using are all like sort of "happy to happy to happier" chord progressions. What you can do, in effect, is reverse the process. Retrogression is the 5 to the 4 instead of the 4 to the 5. If you are not sure how to figure this out, at least remember that reversing what originally sounded happy in the chord progression has the opposite effect, it tends to sound sad. Progression-retrogression. a descending chord structure or bass line has the effect of regret and sadness, generally.
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