i have a squire vintage modified jazz bass. Im going to get a fender jaguar bass one way or another Thursday. But i was wondering would it be a good idea for me to trade in. Like will the jaguar bass over do and just plain out rate my jazz. Like id love to keep the bass but i dont wanna get this jaguar then release well crap this jag does everything jazz can do and my jazz be redundant. anybody had any experience with this problem
keep the jazz. in 3 months if it hasn't gotten any play then sell it. seems obvious to me.
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Quote by the_perdestrian
keep the jazz. in 3 months if it hasn't gotten any play then sell it. seems obvious to me.

This guy had the right idea.

Generally I keep all of my basses unless I'm selling them in trade for another, you never know when some of the parts may come in handy, you might even want to steal the neck or body for a project later!
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To be honest, I always like to have a main and a backup as far as equip goes (if I can afford it). Instruments are real finnicky, and if one messes up, it's nice to have another to rely on.
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Keep it. Same reasons as what everyone else said. It's good to have a back-up.... especially if you like it and it plays well.
Keep the VM Jazz, you can use it as a back up at gigs, or you can keep it in an alternate tuning.
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You can never have too many basses and the VM Jazz wins as a backup. So unless you're strapped for cash and need the extra ($200 iirc?) trade value just keep the VM Jazz.
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