So i just bought a crybaby wah wah and a zakk wylde overdrive, what do you guys think? anyone have the zakk wylde overdrive?
Another case of asking us after the fact...

The Crybaby is a bit overrated, but still a good pedal nonetheless. The Zack Wylde OD is pretty cool. I almost got one a little while back.
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the zakk wylde OD is pretty badass.

I've had mine for a few years, it has endured countless warzone deployments (and looks like it) and still kicks my amps ass when I stomp it
What does it matter if i like zakk wylde. yes i like him but thats not why i bought it. Yeah im just trying to get some opinions, if people like them
So you want an opinion after you bought the pedals? Can't you just play them?

The Crybaby's aren't anything special from the factory, but if you get one without SMD components they can be great platforms for modding and learning to work on pedals. Don't have any experience with the Wylde OD.
alright thanks guys, well im turnin 13 wednesday so i bought it with my money i was just seeing what you guys think