A friend of mine decided to learn guitar, and bought a Samick Valley Arts Custom Pro Shop(Strat style guitar). He asked me to change the strings for him

Well The strings will not come out of the trem block! Ive got all the string ends cut, and ready, but only two strings actually would come through. Its like the ball is stuck.

Is there anything I can do? Id hate to give him his guitar like this.

Thanks in advance!
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i have had to poke the balls thru with an ice pick before, its like they rotated just slightly and got wedged
okay this has happened to me before when I bought a relic and the string ends had rusted in. you need to find a way to force them down, use a small bit of the string and push down, you could use one of the thicker strings to do so as they are far more ridgid. as soon as you get some shift in them they will be fine but I won't lie this would scare me to death