ok i do realize it is not out yet, but im thinking i might get the gibson dethklok explorer, its a bit over my original plan, plus i dont really like dethklok, but damn, that guitar is growing on me.

i just has 3 questions about it.

1: is the cut on the neck going to be gibsons 60's profile?
2: the website says this about the electronics:

300k Audio Taper Lead Volume; 500k Audio Taper Non-Linear Master Tone.

im confused as to what this means, and should all the pots be 500k with dual humbuckers?

3: whats are your guys thoughts on the guitar? how do you think it wi
im really liking the silverburst finish, the binding, ebony fret board, and the burstbuckers. and its like 300$ more than the standard explorer i believe

EDIT: heres the link

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bro. bro. check this out:
if you want an actual dethklok explorer:
Buy a black explorer
replace pups with EMG 81/85
change pickguard so it is a mirror
you'll probably save some money too...

but regarding the pots, it's not something you need to worry about unless you happen to be constantly changing pups on your guitar, and if it's too much of a problem, take it to a tech..
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its not that i like dethklok and i want a dethklok explorer its that i happen to really like that guitar even though i dont particularly like dethklok or his black explorer. i just think the sig is a nice guitar :S
You're getting a modded Explorer, with a silver sunburst finish on it, and different pickups. Not worth all the extra cash IMO. I'd find a standard Explorer and replace the pickups.
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It is out yet - the sam ash by me has one for some unknown reason (along with Chad Kroeger's LP), and its a big ol' waste of cash. Find a used explorer, and make the mods yourself.
If you like it and have the money. Buy it. /thread

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bro. bro. check this out:
if you want an actual dethklok explorer:
Buy a black explorer
replace pups with EMG 81/85
change pickguard so it is a mirror
you'll probably save some money.

this. the original Explorer used by Skwisgaar had EMG's in it, not Burstbuckers. its is also MANDATORY that this Dethklok guitar is NOT to be tuned above or below C Standard. just a thought.... and honestly you could buy a black Explorer for WAYYYYYYY less that what they want for the signature guitar. probably close to 300-500 bucks depending on the guitar.
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well a new gibson explorer would cost me about 1100-1300
the dethklok explorer is somewhere between 1500 and 1600 new for me. thats before taxes.

again, i couldnt care less about what explorer brandon small actually used/had before this sig. i made the thread cuz i really like his signature guitar even though im not a fan of him or his music.

i think im either going to buy it from MF or order it in from a local guitar store. im kind of leaning towards the MF option because theyre more flexible with returns/exchanges from waht ive heard, so incase i dont like it, ill swap it for a normal explorer and do a pickup swap.

btw i dont think 300 is wayy over priced for a sig guitar if the original version is 1300 roughly