I'm grown out of my low end ibanez RG and I'm finally upgrading to a guitar that's gonna last me for longer. I found this puppy on CL, and talked the guy down to $240. Sounds like a fair price to me, but I don't really know the street price on MIM strats with "some nicks and dings".Is this a decent deal?
New they're around $500 ish i think, I'd say the deal sounds good for 2nd hand, just make sure it's set-up good and plays nice first, the MIM's can be kinda hit and miss with quality!
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Yeah, I'm definitely gonna be checking for fretware and other similar things. What with it being almost as old as me and all. I was pretty sure it sounded like a good price, thanks for confirming

I might hold of for a bit, I definitely like the pickup config on this, nice and versatile like I'm looking for, but idk how I feel about the 21 frets thing, I've been spoiled by my RG's 24 . We shall see what else comes up