I have a book with all the sheet music to The Beatle's Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, no tab, but sheet music for guitar, piano, and vocals. I love this album and listen to it all the time; I think I could figure out all the vocal melodies by ear on piano or guitar. I think it would help a lot if I tried learning this whole album and kind of using the sheet music as a reference point and get used to where all the notes I'm playing land on the staff, and singing the melodies as I go along. If I really spent a lot of time on it I could probably get the whole thing done in a month or 2 (I'm sure half of you could in a couple of hours, I work at a slow pace and I'm not a music-god like everyone here seems to be). Do you think this would really help improve my ear, singing, and sight-reading? The only downside I see is that maybe my ear will be too good compared to my sight-reading, and I'd figure it all out and not use the sheet music much, therefore defeating most of the purpose because reading more fluently is the main goal. Thoughts, opinions, ect.?
Good idea. It WILL be frustrating as all hell. But if you stick with it then yes, it will greatly improve those things.
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you should try sight-reading things you DON'T know how it sounds. As you love the album so much you probably will remember stuff from the million times you've heard it. But it's not a bad idea with some of the instruments in the album you probably don't remember.