Hi guys, i have recently bought the vypyr 60 tube amp and im preety happy with it. But i reed that you can update the amp software. They say that if you press the 1 and 4 botton the amp tells you the software version it has when power up. I dont know what power up means but i put the amp on and in standby and press the 1 and 4 botton and nothing happens. Also you can reset the amp light show by pressing the 3 and 4 bottons ans agaian, nothing happens.
Another problem is that overdrives are way loudder than cleans, specially in the twin channell. I dont know if that is fixed with the new update.
I Hope you can help me, the amp is great but i want to know if this probles is too serious or if there is a solution.
The clean channels are noticeably quieter than the gain channels, that has been documented.

If you purchased it new, its pretty certain it has the latest firmware, there hasnt been a firmware update in a long time.

If it is an older one that you bought used then look into the peavey forums for the details on how to update.
its new but im from argentina and perhaps it has been at the shop long ago.
is there any recomendations on how to fix the cleans problems?
If you mean the lower volume, not really. My vypyr 60 has the latest firmware and the clean channels are quite a bit quieter than the gain channels. If you really need cleans at gig volume you may need to consider an alternative. I didn't know about this issue when i purchased my vypyr.
What I did to fix this problem: run the clean channels with a higher post gain than the distortion. Worked pretty well for me.
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Question for you guys as I've never noticed this volume problem before but I don't own one.

What happens if you use the X-Boost or TubeScream stompbox on the clean?

Wouldn't you do the firmware check when turning on the power to the amp? Not standby.
I have the 30 watt ss and the problem is the same. The amp's distortion is super loud and the cleans aren't. As mentioned before, an easy solution is merely turning the post gain down on the distortion presets and it up on the cleans. While you may get some breakup because of this, 60 watt should be enough headroom to still get really nice cleans. It's really not much a problem. Just set all your presets to what I said and you'll have no problem.