I wrote a song for an English assignment (no joke) about a character from Wuthering Heights and I wanted to see what UG thought. Enjoy! http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/BrandonBeaux/

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Interesting track, it sound like an action/adventure game soundtrack, I can picture some demons flying over to try to kill a guy with powers xD maybe that's just me, lol! good track overall, I would bring the drums more to the upfront, that would give the track more definition and power,
good track man!

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Going to crit as I listen, as stated above the song does sound like it could fit a game, not so much action/adventure though, maybe horror? Like Silent Hill or something, maybe even a horror movie, kinda reminded me of the Halloween theme in the beginning :P The guitar could use a little work, not so much the playing, but the sound. Sounds a little to distorted, but that could just be me, also turn up the drums a little bit and it'll be perfect

OK, the song has been re-uploaded with a tighter mix (boosted drums, saturated, guitar sounds the same though), and I have recorded vocals (Crit please, I don't know if I'm any good at screaming). Thanks for the other advice. Enjoy!

EDIT: Forgot link just in case http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/BrandonBeaux/
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This intro is reminding me a bit of NIN. Vocals sound muffled, could use more treble, probably should lower bass on vocals too. Vocal audio quality is sounding better by 2:20. Instrumentally, I think it sounds pretty cool! I'm not a fan of lots of screaming, though I think you are better than average at it. Please review my music at this link:

hey man,
this sounds like a kool song.
it has a very cool, dark feel to it.
i really liked it, but i would change the mix - up the drums a bit, and the vocals (Which are very well done!) and that hissing thing i'de volume down just a bit.
overall this is a cool song, but i think what i liked most were the vocals, very well done! except i couldn't understand the lyrics. but other than that...
the writing of the music also seems to be very good, i liked the parts with the breaks alot.

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Really liking the video game feel it oozes out. Really wicked tune. Vocals need to be a little upped in volume in my opinion. They are weak, but could be great with more power backing them. Really loving this though. Your harsh vocals aren't bad, but aren't 'too' good. Doesn't matter though. They have the distortion backing them, and they fit the track quite well.
It's a beast of a track.

Crit for crit?