Now 100% sure this is where to post this but I didn't see a thread for issues... so please redirect me if there is such a place...

My nephew has a solid state half stack by crate. When I see it next I'll search for the model number but I know he's had it a few years and kinda looks like an older version of the Crate GT1200H

one day out of nowhere his amp was cutting out. Thought it was the chord... replaced and still happened... so thought it was the input port... inspected and it was fine... so I figured maybe since we play loud its the vibration... so I took it off the speaker and still no luck.

I concluded that when he has the volume over half way is when he has issues. And when it cuts out if you just touch the reverb knob it kicks back in.. but then cuts off again...

I plan to take it to a shop and ask opinions, im assuming its a component inside that may be on its last leg, but im not certain. I'm savvy enough to poke around the board for cracked solder or blown caps but this issue seems to be a component that may visually look fine but is messed up.

many thanks to all for even reading this article and again I hope I posted in the correct area, I did do a little research before posting but... I may have not done very well if there is a correct thread for this stuff.

thanks all.
I was thinking something similar as well, I'd have to research a parts place to see if I can get a replacement. thanks for the help