Hi there everybody, I'm fairly new to the site but i've been playing guitar for about three years now and I just got a used lespaul standard at a steal price and think that its about time I upgrade my amp. All my friends and band members have been pushing me to go buy a tube amp. If this means anything I've been playing a lot of classic rock/blues with classic clean, crunch, and full out distortion. I've just been playing so much I have very little knowledge on gear so you'd really be helping me out to leave some advice
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budget, closest city,gigging?

This. We can't really give you any suggestions if you don't give us your preferences.
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who are your influences, who's sound do you like? anyone you would like to sound similar too?

these questions will all help you close in on an amp.
wow thanks for commenting, ahh.. my idol guitarist would have to be jimmy page from led zep. and i live in vancouver bc canada, my budget is about 2000 max, and i do gigs at schools and some pubs
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Currently, my favorite modeling amp, should you decide to go that route, is the Fender Mustang, and as for tube amps, I'm really impressed by Blackstar and Bugera.

Come on man.