hey guys, been playing for a year and Im at the point where i feel ok im not a beginner any more due to knowledge but want to progress as an intermediate something maybe a lil challenging but possible at my level so any tabs , blues,rock/classical fingerstyle/ lead, solo stuff, maybe even songs with more chords (can help my chord changing abit )

i can play
Praxis - animal behavior solo (buckethead)
Hey joe - Jimi hendrix
Wind cries mary - jimi hendrix
soothsayer - buckethead (intro-right up until solo time)
one - metallica (intro right up to the first hammeron crap in the intro
purple haze - jimi hendrix ( err just the intro/first solo/n pretty much the main chords in the song)
fure elise(fingerstyle) -beethoven ( like just 2mins into the song and is not as fast as song speed but getting there

uhm yea thats just some of the solo stuff that i know atm lol Most of the other things i know arent like full songs just bits of stuff which is why i want to start learning some lead /solo stuff to help me get better
if anyone can help thanx
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look in to some Metallica or some Bullet for my Valentine. Metallica for chord changing (or any thrash metal band for that matter) and Bullet has some decent solos if you want to really work on solo skills. I would say Battery by Metallica for some fast alternate picking and chord changing and Scream Aim Fire by Bullet for my Valentine for soloing. Waking the Demon by them is also good for learning scale runs
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