I recently decided to sand down my LTD EX 260 that looked like this:


That finish covered the WHOLE thing, all the way up the back of the neck and headstock

It now looks like this:

I was cheeky and Sprayed the ESP logo on

Strangely, when I sanded through the paint, I found that there was a dark coating on top of the wood. The work seemed to already have done for me? So I left it and it's amazing. It is supposed to be Agathis, but does this not look too nice to be agathis? Hmm thoughts?

Edit: Sorry didn't realise the pics would be this big :/
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looks awesome but i'm a huge fan of sparkly things so i think it looked better with the first finish, good job though, rock n roll
Looks good. The only thing i would say is buff it out and give it a gloss finish to make the natural wood really pop out.