Alright UG, I've been looking through the forums here and havent noticed many Jackson guitar lovers like me. Something about how they feel just feels right to me, mostly the dinkys and soloists.
So i'm wondering who all's favorite guitar is a jackson, and if so, which do you prefer, normal or reverse headstock?
I'm for reverse. i think they look absolutely badass.
Jackson is probably the most popular brand on here!!!

I have a DXMG Dinky, which I love. Balances very well, light weight and great feel to the neck.

BUT!! I actually do not like the reverse head stock on it very much. I dont mind it, but if I could change one thing it would be the headstock..... or the pickups.

I just think reverse head stocks look kind of odd, and I find them awkward to tune.
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Jackson FTW! I love my RR3 to bits, best guitar I've ever owned. I was a diehard ESP/LTD fan for years but once you go Jackson you never go back. It's actually gotten to the point where I've played my rhoads so much that any other shape feels a little odd to me.
I prefer the normal headstock on Jacksons for some reason, which is strange because I prefer reversed on ESP and Ibanez.
I got a dk2pro i picked it up new for like 600 bucks and now cant find any for less than 800. so im stoked on that.
normal headstock all the way. the only way it would be any better was if it was neck through.. but thats why theres the soloist.
i have a dkmg with emgs, reverse headsock. not the biggest fan of the reverse, allways feels aquard to tune. really nice sounding guitar and comfortable neck though

Jackson DKMG pro
Schecter omen exreme 7
Tanglewood Che Guivara mk.1
Brunswick electro acoustic

peavey 412ms
some rack stuff
I love all 4 of my Jacksons RR's.
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