Didn't sound THAT amazing, but when I hear the song in full, I'm sure I'll have some Serjasms.
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White are
All I see
In my infancy
Red and yellow then came to be
Reaching out to me.
Lets me see.
Sounds like balls mixed with acid balls in ball soup.

He sounded like some crappy indie singer who sounds like he doesn't want to be there but really does and tries to show off his "talent" and fails.

With bass.
If a mortal stands before us
Strike him down with sleight of hand.
And if heaven rides against us
Then God himself must be damned.

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His first album was okay I guess but now every song he releases after that sounds the same.

His voice is not as good as it was in System.
Serj is one of my childhood heroes, but that was too short to experience any real sense of anything, if I'm honest.
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