Will C4C

This is the first time I have tried to use some compression, I don't know if it made much of a difference but hopefully it did! Still not using impulses yet but for my next recording I will be sure to, I just don't have time to learn the in's and out's of it at the moment, but the semester's almost done (thank god) and then I shall learn

Ibanez Rg7321
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EZdrummer Metalheads

Thanks to Zao_89 for some help with the synth

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Good job! i actually think it sounds heavier and better than the original, the keyboard part is awesome! 5/5
Thanks man, that means a lot! I'll soon be making a new thread with a video and guest vocals included
Thanks dude, got anything you want me to check out?

First post updated with video
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Awesome stuff, that was a pretty solid cover, I can't really pick out any flaws or mistakes with it. You should bring the lead guitar part up a bit since it sounds killer and needs to be heard! Or that could be how it's done in the original, I haven't heard it. Either way, awesome cover, I'm actually gonna check out this band now since it sounds qutie good.
Thanks man, yeah be sure to check them out they have a few pretty cool songs!

The lead part is actually louder in my cover than it is in the original song haha


The Word Alive commented on my cover on facebook, screencaps coming soon
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