Don't get me wrong, I like the Strats with 22 frets as well as other guitars with 22-24 frets. The Eric Clapton signature strat is a great guitar but it's not the same as the "Blackie" strat I grew up seeing on his album covers. It's just my personal preference, I guess I get an old school or vintage vibe from it, I don't know. Just wanted to share that with others.
not strange at all
you have no need for those extra frets im assuming and 21 just feels right for you
I personally have no use for any frets higher than my 18th. The guitar I learned on had really poor access to the upper frets, so when I'm playing I don't ever pay attention to them.
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I don't really have much of a preference, but I certainly don't seek out guitars that have 22-24 frets. I have pretty fat fingers, so I really can't reach up there anyways.
I don't think that's strange at all.

What I do find strange are the people that absolutely will not buy anything with less than 24 frets because apparently an instrument is unplayable for them without those 3 extra notes.
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I never saw, for my preferences at least, the need for 24 frets. My S Ibanez is a 2008 and, if I'm correct with my knowledge, they introduced the 24 fret S series later in 2008. Still, mine only has 22 frets. I understand the need for the extra frets if you shred or something but, in reality, 2 more frets that high up doesn't really make too much of a difference to me. I rarely go past 20 at all and 22 feels just right for me. I can completely understand the feel for a 21 fret guitar. I like them as well. I don't think I'd make a judgement of a guitar based on fret numbers, but I certainly won't let the absence of 2 or 3 frets effect my judgement. I prefer 22 anyway haha
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I'm with you OP... I rarely get above the 17th fret… after that for me they are just for show
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my strat has 21 frets, and i normally dont go above 17 or 19 on that guitar, so its not a big deal. I have my Schecter for my 24 fret needs.
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Nope it is normal. What ever normal might be when talking about guitars and musicians.

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the reason i like 24 fret guitars is because it gives better access to the 21/22 frets. when i had my esp ec-1000 i didn't even use the 23/24 frets.
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the only real upside to 24 frets, imo, is if you are fretting a note on the 12th fret and want a tap-harmonic you don't have to guess where it is. but that's nit-picking. my strat has 21. i'm happy w/it. plus, maybe someone who knows a little more than i do (or someone not too lazy to google it) can tell us how the extra frets on the strat effect the scale of the neck. i have short fingers, but i play my strat better than i did my les paul, which is a shorter scale. maybe neck width or something, but that's another thread......

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I like 24 fretters, I reckon it's because I appreciate the 'completeness' that each string covers two octaves. Yep, not a very good reason at all!

I play my 24 fret Jackson more often than my 22 fret Epi. So actually, these days, when I play my Epi and I'm up around the 19th fret or so, it actually looks weird to me when I look down at the fretboard, like I'm playing higher up than I actually am, because I expect to see a couple more frets there! Odd.

I'd be a bit uncomfortable with only 21 frets I think, I use 22 reasonably often. I don't use 23 or 24 much, but hey, I like having them anyway.

I'd rather have 24 frets, would buy a 22 fretter even though I prefer 24, probably wouldn't touch 21. I know it's only 3 less, but I like to have 'em.

So in terms of strats it's the 22 fretters for me. But, until I have a big guitar collection anyway, the only strat type guitar I might buy is a Charvel pro mod...
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the reason i like 24 fret guitars is because it gives better access to the 21/22 frets.

you make an great point!

gotta keep that in mind on my next guitar purchase.
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i have no need for 24 frets, i rarely get up to 22, usually 21 is more than enough for me.

the only thing i really like about 24 frets is that it asthetically pleasing to see that second octave mark on the 24th fret (ie 2 dots like on fret 12)