Hi there, I am thinking about buying the fender highway one strat and was wondering if anyone owns one and what there thoughts on it are. I played one briefly yesterday and really liked its tone but wanted an opinion of someone who has used it for a period of time. I play blues and blues rock stuff (eric clapton, john mayer, stevie ray vaughn, Hendrix) and stuff like RHCP. I mainly play at home atm, but want it to be able to withstand jamming.

Ps. Black or Sunburst...?
the guitar will hold up just fine. the HW1's are cheaper but still quality guitars. as with most guitars if you don't abuse it constantly it will serve you well for years to come. at some point yo may want to upgrade the electronics and the trem block.
Had mine for two and a half years and absolutely love it. Got a few guitars but this is my favourite... easy to play, pretty flexible and just feels right. Will upgrade the pickups in the future though - don't sound bad but could sound better.
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Very popular guitars, their very solid and have great playability and the finishes on some of them are lovely when they wear in.

Pickups arent the best as mentioned above but can be easily changed, a friend of mine has a set of BKP irish tours in his H1 and it sounds lovely.

P.S: black!
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My buddy has one. Sexy looking guitar! His is flat black, but ive seen the sunburst in GC and i like it better.

As far as the guitar goes, Solid guitar for the price.
alright guitars. get a sunburst if you decide on one. being a strat it is perfect for the music you (and me) play
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