Every time I record myself sining it sounds so weird. My voice doesn't sound like me at all... Does everyone experience this or am I just nuts? I recorded one song for you guys, just so you can tell me


Just don't mind the sound in the background called 'guitar' xD

All tips would be welcome!

Thanks in advance,

We all do. When we talk we hear our voice reverberate in our heads as well as from our mouths to our ears. Block your ears and talk and you can hear what I mean, kinda.
Yeah, it's normal for that to happen. Because the sound resonates inside your head and hits your eardrums too, it sounds different from how the outside world hears it.
On the singing itself, I think you're reaching just a little too low for what your voice can handle, and it kind of reminds me of the voice of Franz Ferdinand's singer.
And he has an awesome voice
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I can tell you this much, and this is for all of us, what we hear, is not what our voice sounds like for others. When you speak, you don't just pick your voice up with your ears, but also your very skull. You won't be able to sing like you hear it yourself, unless you learn to listen to what your voice really sounds like. Try get some kind of feedback, so you hear what you're singing while you're doing it. That should help.
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Ah so my voice isn't really that bad haha! So what do you think about the song I recorded? Then I'll probably record this another time and see if I have made progress!