As title really.

I just picked this up so it's in literally as-new condition with all inserts, pristine box etc. Just had a facepalm moment when I didn't actually realise my Pod had XLR inputs and essentially bought this on a whim.

Looking on Google shopping they go for about £400 new, so since it's only been used once, how does £350 sound including p&p? I'll throw in a Firewire cable to boot.

I can get pictures up at a later date if you want some close ups. Located in Manchester if you can pick up.

I'll consider decent P/Xs or trades etc.
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you say looking on google shopping they go for £400 but how much did you pay? Since you only just picked it up you should remember. And did you buy it new? Do you have the receipts box ect
Here're some pictures:

As you can see, I have the box etc. Price-wise, I paid £450 from Dawsons.
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If this helps - I wouldn't use your pod with a Profire 2626, those things have great preamps i'd record a real amp!!! They are professional sounding preamps for cheap.
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