I have been playing guitar for a little while now and am really interested in getting an electric. Ideally what I would like to play is blues, given time, so would appreciate some help if you can! I have been looking at a few and read reviews etc. Squier CV Custom Tele, Gretsch Jet Pro and my dads mate has a Hamer that he said I should have a look at but I know very little about them. Are there other guitars I should be looking at??
I'd go with the Hamer, personally. Especially since you can haggle easier if you know the person.
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I'd say forget about the tele. You won't get the low end that is needed for really bluesy sound with a tele. Id say go with a Les Paul of some kind. At least have humbuckers for blues. But then again, that's my personal opinion, and I kinda hate the way a tele sounds.

depending on budget either a new or used mexi strat.
it's what all the blues players have! (ok most have USA strats but a mexi is a good guitar none the less)
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I would recommend Squier Bullet Strat. I've had a one for about three years. It's really good. One thing I like about it is that you can play many sorts of music with it. I play rock and blues with it but it's also good for metal etc.
Definitely go for a Strat for a more melodic blues sound. I put a humbucker in mine anyway, but I normally play on the neck pickup for that fuzzier, warmer sound for the licks and melodies. Plus, if you can, definitely get a Fender, the Mexi is only £300, well worth it in the long run!
you can't go wrong with a strat, look at the number of electric blues players that use them.

also worth considering is the prs se custom, a new one will set you back about £600, although the strat is better for clean tones.

you really need to get down to your local guitar store and try some out and see what suits you. take a friend along for a second opinion.

what's your budget?
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