Ever since I changed the strings on my tele recently, there's been a creaking sort of noise coming from the neck every time I bend strings. There was no noise at all before I replaced the strings. What do you think could be going on?

Also, in case it's relevant, I changed from rotosounds to ernie balls, both the same gauge set though.
Could it be the "G" string? I've noticed that string on one of my guitars making noise when bending or hitting the whammy bar from sliding in the nut. Try cleaning the grooves in the nut or maybe lightly lubricating with 3 in 1 oil or WD40. Emphasis on lightly.
Hmm, I'm not sure, it sounds more like the neck is creaking under strain or something. I'll give that a try though, thanks for the suggestion.
Try tightening the screws at the neck joint.
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