Please help me set up these effects. I have no clue how and what accesories to use.
I dont want to keep on stomping....

Gtr-->SD1-->MXR Micro Amp.

Here I want to split the signal 2 ways.

One goes straight to RP 90 ( For Reverb, Chorus and Delay only) and to Noise Gate( MXR Smart Gate) and to my Marshall.

The other signal Path, I want to use either a BD2 or Little Big Muff, after that I want the signal to be fed to RP 90 and Noise gate and Marshall.

The chain would be Gtr->SD1->Micro Amp->BD2->Little Big Muff->RP 90->Smart Gate->Marshall.

I play mostly originals and the color of my sound is Blues/Classic Rock.

What do you think of the set up. Please let me know..
Suggestions would be of Great help....

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Just put the RP your effects loop, since you're only using it for reverb, chorus, w/e.

So it ends up like this:

Guitar > BD-2 > SD-1 > Micro Amp > Big Muff > Amp

Effects Send > Noise Gate > RP90 > Effects Return

Also, what Marshall is it?

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I figured it was an MG.

Honestly the overdrive pedals are doing nothing. You should really think about getting a new amp. It'll sound much, much better.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

Still I would like to know how to loop the signal.?

ANd any suggestions about the pedals I have...
Overdrive suits me and I dont want any realtime DIstortion pedals...

I have a Compressor left with me..
any suggestions as to if I can fit that in my fx chain and where...
There's two inputs on the back of your amp that say Send and Return. Send goes into input of noise gate. The out of the RP goes into the Return.

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I am thinking of LC series Laney Amps...
Any suggestions on that....

Being In India, I may not compare that with any Marshall..

What are the Marshall equivalent to LC series?

An MG is no Marshall, believe you me. It is a sad attempt at a budget amp for Marshall.

Not too sure about the LC series. Never really one. What amps do you have readily available to you in India?

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I haven't seen much other than MG in Marshall, But I can get Peavey, Orange and Laney.....
If you had to have a budget, what would it be? What type of music do you play?

I'd be all over Orange if I wasn't in the US.

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I can get line6 too...

The kind of music I play relates to old school rock and bluesy tones...
Mild overdriven sound at max... not any distortion...

I have to juggle between rhythm and lead...
Neither. What's the max you're willing to spend?

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THose would be costing in the range of $150! You dont get it, the conversion rate and premium put on these products kills most pricing on these products in here...

I asked you, because it's kind of important as to whether or not you could GET any of the better amps.

Id' have a look into the Laney LC series then. Look up a few youtube demos and whatnot. See if you can find the Laney thread.

EDIT: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=963451&highlight=laney+cult

Here's the Laney thread.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

thanx for the help btw...

I wil tr out a laney and a Vox and then c if that helps....