Hi everyone !

Just the other day, I was playing my friend's MIM stratocaster, and a few questions came into my mind. Since I'm quite a noob for technical aspects, I couldn't really identify the neck differences with my Yamaha SG.

The things I noticed is that it felt quite different, and I know the neck scales and shape aren't the same. I also know they differ in terms of wood, and if I didn't get that wrong, the radius on my Yamaha is flatter than on his strat.

However I'd have liked to know how they differ in terms of thickness, shape and so on, I couldn't really find the info by myself. All I know is that it felt different, I really couldn't say what's due to what.

By the way, It felt like the strat was pretty confortable to play too, I'd just like to know what caused the difference really.

Thanks guys .
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warmoth has some pretty good info on neck profiles. go to www.warmoth.com, scroll over the "Guitar" tab, and down to "Neck Options", and it'll describe a variety of neck differences and options there.
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