Nice track!
kind of remind me Michiru Yamane (Castlevania music composer) if you haven't listen to her stuff you should! especially the Castlevania curse of darkness soundtrack, I really dig this kind of stuff, all the effort was worth I would say so... don't hate your guitar man xD, really nice stuff, keep up the good work!!!

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1417066
i actually enjoy this song a lot, greaaaat lead! the drums could have been a little stronger in my opinion but it works the way you have it.

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this was really good, no other crit than that. i love the piano.
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I love this. I wish we lived next to each other and could jam! This is the exact kind of feel I imagine myself playing. Very spacey, and it makes me think of a band that is sort of like what you'd imagine an early pink floyd to be like before they incorporated melodies and made typical songs.

Either way i dig it
This is amazing!
I'm listening to the, "01 DISferdigGitarUmelloUflute" song you have on soundcloud. It sounds cool. I reminds me of Invader Zim.
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Wow, such great comments, how inspiring for further songwriting and playing !
Thank you,thank you, guys and girl :-)

More comments are of course welcome :-)

Best regards, and thank you for taking the time to listen !
the pianos sick, everything flows and i agree w/ the person who said its like early floyd
great work
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Thank you ! Early Pink Floyd is to me strange,psychedelic music but any reference to them is a great honour. I've been said to remind of Tony McAlpine and Jeff Beck, so I'm quite happy :-) Still striving to find my very own tone,Ode to May is close to what I hear in my head.
Thanks again !

More comments will be truly appreciated.
All the best to you all !
Quote by Damocles
Hi all Ultimates !

Just finished recording an mixing my latest instrumental song,Ode To May.
Hope you enjoy it, it may be kinda Gary Mooreish :-)

All the best to you !

Comments are welcome.

Link :



I dont like the synth with the keyboard get rid of that. Keep the piano, bass, drums and guitar.

Not really digging the tone either, but you can play with it
Quote by reggaebassman
I dont like the synth with the keyboard get rid of that. Keep the piano, bass, drums and guitar.

Not really digging the tone either, but you can play with it

I actually like the tone. The synth part (I assume you mean the violins etc), it's a bit of a pity that these aren't real instruments because you can tell of course, but the arrangement itself really adds to the atmosphere so I wouldn't get rid of them.

All in all, very nice track!
Thanks to Jerun (a great player).
Yes, I really need a real orchestra ;-) Well,in my dreams...
Thank you for listening and commenting !
Critting as i listen:

Very interesting melody going.. Love how the drums and bass entered. The guitar tone is nice!! And the solo itself is as well. Good transition back to the piano. The flute and piano complimented each other well and the transition back into the guitar bass drums was perfect. Wish there was more i could actually give advice on.. The mix and the composition itself was very good! Just curious - What vsti's were you using?
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Very nice guitar, really chilled and relaxed. The piano goes well with it.
Great work, really nice music; not particularly my thing, but great nonetheless!

Mix-wise, my main complaint is too much reverb. When there's a lot playing it tends to muddy up the mix. EQ the drums, particularly the kick. Most of the drums aren't present enough and the kick seems to flatten out the sound sometimes. EQ the synth too, in particular I'd remove some of the higher frequencies above 10k. Also maybe pull it back a bit in the mix, or if its in stereo pan it wider.

Good tune though, enjoyed

C4C purlease? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1430221
Hey Damocles!

First off, great track! It was incredible! I liked it on youtube but I thought the tone of your guitar fit perfectly with the music. It reminded me of Muse. The piano was good and the orchestra was well placed. Nothing really that I would change except for maybe the hi-hat that goes through the entire song. It gets a little annoying on their ears, but still a good track. You can even add a few fills and make the drums more interesting even though I figured that you didn't want to make the drums a prominent part. Great job!

Could you critique my demo?

Love it! Beautiful tone on the guitar. The guitar+piano combo works great without one stepping over the toes of another. It has a sort of trippy, psychedelic feel to me, with some classical overtones.

A couple of criticisms. I think the drums could have been louder. It would have made the song more powerful. Also, the ending seemed a bit abrupt. Other than those, I have no problems with the song.

Great Playing!
Thank you so much for kind comments.Lots of good suggestionsfor the drums, and you are right..I haven't done much with the drums soundwise..but I will !
Thanks again for listening (I think I have critted back all of you)
Very interesting classical esc piece. I like the drum tone (if you're looking for it to be primitive) and even if you are not, its cool man, we can't all afford superior yet ;P

The piano is really cool, i like how you compose the guitar to come in and emphasize melody. I also noticed, your vibrato is very short, almost classical style. This fits the piece, but hearing some longer more exaggerated vibrato would be cool imo.

Overall, weird but awesome piece. I dig the very different vibe i get from it, its something unique that captures the ear.

To end, you should either extend the song or end it at a more resolved note imo.

Gj man! Sry for the late c4c btw!
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The piano parts are excellent ! The guitar lead is also well played.

The only critique i would have is to make the drum kick and snare a little bit more present. Aside from that, the track is great.
I really enjoy this song. It's a great piece. You've got good lead playing, too. The piano is very well done also. I think the snare needs to be a bit louder in the mix and maybe a little more punchy. I agree with whoever said that it reminded them of Castlevania. It has a really dark, mischievous tone to it.

Very well done.
Oh. My. God. THIS IS SO GOOD. I absolutely love it. Liked, favorited, and shared on facebook.
You, sir, are amazing. The piano and guitar are beautiful.
You need record more stuff like this!
Wow, thanks a lot,DavidRayT ! How cool and kind of you to share my link on your facebook ! More music to come, next up is 2 songs with a great vocalist.
Have a nice weekend, would be sooo cool if more people shared my youtubeclip on Facebook..Though the song is to my girlfriend May, the month is coming tomorrow !
Go May !
Here's the link again :

Quote by ArtemR
that was great man, love the melodies and the tremolo usage

Thank you ! Yes, the tremolo-arm is in action quite a lot.It's a good way to make the notes sing more,I think.Quite dramatic at times too.Thanks again :-)