Hi, I have complied an 80 page photo book of Tokai Stratocaster copies owned by members of the Tokai Forum. Featuring 35 guitars that pay homage to the 'good old strat'! I am selling them through Blurb.com at cost price plus 50p that will go to a Japanese Tsunami victims charity. You can preview the book to check it out at this site:


I thought any Tokai enthusiasts like myself and fellow Tokai Forum members may be interested - no hard sell, enjoy.

There is also a discount code for postage valid until the end of March so on the final check out page you put the postage discount code in and recalculate. The code is only valid until the end of the month (see below). Certain country ground postage allows you to track your delivery via DHL.

I have set the paper as premium quality with lustre finish and I decided to add 50p to each book sale for me to donate as charity in aid of the Japanese tsunami victims. I will post total sales and a receipt for the charity payment at tokaiforum.com . I hope everyone will be happy with that considering our link with Japan via the guitars and people we have met on this forum.

The book will cost £26.89. You can get a soft cover version for £20 and I think you can get a hard cover image wrap which wraps the cover image as a hard cover but you would lose the inner flaps. Not sure but that would be £28. Let me know any problems via the forum and I look forward to all your thoughts one you receive the book.



Order your book now, and we'll pitch in with free Ground/Economy shipping*. Enter the appropriate promo code at checkout, and you're all set:

USD $ coupon code: GROUND
GBP £ coupon code: GROUND1
EUR € coupon code: GROUND2
CAD $ coupon code: GROUND3
AUD $ coupon code: GROUND4

* Offer valid through March 31, 2011 (11:59 p.m. PDT). Offer covers Ground/Economy shipping costs up to USD $10, GPB £5, EUR €7, CAN $10, or AUD $10 for up to three books in one order, shipped to one address. This offer is good for one-time use and cannot be combined with other promotional codes or used for adjustments on previous orders.
Nvm, I was being a tard and misread. Still, it's nice and all but I wouldn't buy it myself. 'specially not at that price, I checked out the link and they ask like 40 bucks for a copy..
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Hi, thanks for your comment. The book is for Tokai enthusiasts as there are no other books on them, only old catalogs doing brisk trade on ebay etc. There are lots of Fender Strat books at the $40 mark and if you order a soft cover version it is $30 anyway.

I am not making any profit from the sale as we are a collective of fans wanting to share our love of these instruments. The product is top quality and in my opinion will sit alongside your Fender strat book nicely.

Appreciate you making a comment as this is the first person to do so on over 10 forums I have posted on. Cheers,