Hey, i've been trying for ages to get this weird tone out of my gear. The tone i want is in the second solo from this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoXUqYW-8P0
(starts around 2:00)

It has a strange tubular sound which i've been trying to get, i thought it was a wah pedal set at a particular angle or maybe some combo of that and Eq.

Any ideas?
sounds like is using his neck pickup. Doesn't seem like there's much change in the setup compared to the rest of the song.
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Not available in my country. what's the song?
same here.
I got it:

anyways. it's just a real warm tubey neck pickup sound followed by a good developed style of playing.

sounds great when it gets into the higher notes.

like the others said, a good bit of reverb+delay as well. but if you want that exact tone you'll want a good playing style and a good tube amp. Using the same guitar would help a lot for this type of sound as well. and of course, the neck pick-up.