hi guys i have some questions about impro
when u first started how was it ? ? ?
what is the best thing that reaaaaaly helped u in ur improvisation
after how much time did u feel like yeah nowi think that i can improvise a nice music ...
srry my english is bad
i think that to improvisate you need first to be at least good with the guitar...i mean you can't improve if you're a beginner.the band that really helped me to improvisate are green day:d
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Sounded like absolute and utter Shit at first. Started listening to things I liked, improving overall playing, learning more songs and started to base idess off of bands and riffs I liked. That's how I became acceptably good to myself.
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A good place to start would be learning some scales and maybe theory about scales and chordprogressions, with this knowledge it will become pretty easy to improvise both licks, riffs and chord progressions.
another way of imroving could be by making some minor changes in some of the licks you already know, then you won't have to make something up completely by yourself.

hope this helps ;D
I was horrible at improv when I first started. I use to spend a lot of time just working on techniques. What helped me a lot was learning others solos. Got some cool ideas from those solos that I incorporated into my playing. Another thing I did was just play over backing tracks. After a while I was able to start creating cool improvs!
just use your imagination. Nothing is wrong if it sounds good. Learn something and push the limits. Try every scale, every chord. You need to develop your own taste. Sing it and then play it. Can't go wrong there.
mmmm i know the pentatonic scale i ll start with that i ll learn some solos of the black album(metallica) maybe it ll help me improvising using this scale and i ll try some backing tracks to but realy i don't like blues backing tracks ><