I broke them today and so I'm gonna pick some up tomorrow at college.

Anybody know any good'uns for a Fender Electro-Acoustic?
I've found the best tone comes from medium gauge strings, however it takes a little getting used to and your fingers may hurt for the first little while but it's well worth it. I've been running Martin MSP-4200s (Medium gauge 13-56, here's what the package looks like) and they sound splendid so maybe give them a try!
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ya I've always used Martin SP 12's as well. Quite happy with them. Someone told me to try Martin Marquis' next time so I bought a couple packs of them. Have yet to try them out yet though.
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First.... Find out what gauge the strings you have are. Going heavier or lighter may require adjustments to the guitar, and too heavy might cause damage.

Second, as you can see from the four all-different replies, strings are highly individualistic.
Some like a brighter tone, some a more mellow tone, some prefer long life overall...
They are cheap enough to experiment with.
Good brands that are well thought of include D'Addario (I've been using their phosphor bronze strings for nearly 30 years) Martin, newcomer Elixir (came on my new Taylor; haven't made up my mind yet) ...
Hard to go wrong with any decent brand; a nice new set of quality strings is going to sound better than what you're replacing.