Ok, real quick and thank you.

Since my Tascam audio unit is powered by the usb hub with pc, I'm concerned about un-plugging and plugging it back in when I turn off my computer. There is no button to turn off the unit, so, I just wanted a few perspectives of what would be best to keep it all plugged in when I am accessing the computer aside the recording studio or unplug it. I tend to think it will konk out on me with repeated use.

Another thing, I have tons of lyrics stretched back 30 years ago. It is religious and adapted from my own spiritual perspective from the things I learned in life. Sooooo, that being said, I just wanted to make sure its ok with the moderators that I may or may not add the material to (Lyrics Post in here). My angle is not to splash spiritual doctrine on everyone, just that I could post is because, well I have it.

Thanks everyone!

I'd say don't post lyrics in the pit, but in the songwriting and lyrics forum .

I've never had a problem with my usb hub powering things, but it is plugged into an external power source, and I'm not familiar with the particular audio unit you're using.
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I would unplug your unit whenever you're finished simply because you don't want it running all the time. When you're not recording, it shouldn't either.

And yes, the link above to the Songwriting and Lyrics forum is where you want to post them. I post there quite often and am good friends with the staff that runs if. If you have any questions, feel free to visit my profile and send me a message.
Ok, hey guys thanks so much, I really appreciate it..

My bad on not being more clearer with the Lyrics deal there, yes, what I was referring to was the Songwriting and Lyrics forum, I was unable to wag my tongue towards the right terms in that moment but I clearly understood that if I was to do so (submit lyrics) it would be in that forum.

Chaois...> Tascam US-100 Audio Interface. It's perfect for what I am trying to accomplish, later as I increase in knowledge and finish a CD, I will use a more higher performance program to mix it all up. I just use that, headphones and a Shure mic sm 58 to record with. Just playing my guitar with my music and wanting to dub a second voice over that. Tis the next part I am learning about now, how to dub back over on Audacity, I think its just a matter of copying and pasting what I dub to make one track.

Ok, thanks again, although I will be back..he-he.

My questions will not end. I am using Audacity and its working perfectly fine for the moment and what I want to do with it. However, I will hit you all up again.

Thank you