Great Neck, a band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is looking for a rhythm guitarist! We're an eclectic band; we try not to limit ourselves to one genre. Whatever creative flow we have, we embrace. Funk, blues, hard rock, experimental, prog, we do a bit of everything.

This is a serious group. We have our complete, 15 track demo already recorded, and we perform 2-3 shows a month. We really want to go somewhere more than our garage and the local bar! Only serious responses, please.

  • Transportation!
  • Your own equipment. We have practice amps, but for live shows, we unfortunately don't have any large amps or effects to spare
  • An open mind. Like we said above, we are an open minded band; we often span several genres in a single show, so be open to anything!

Our members live a bit far from each other, so if you live anywhere within driving distance from Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Perkasie, New Hope, or Philadelphia, PA, or in the Bell Mawr/Camden area of New Jersey, we'd love to see you!

If you're interested in making awesome music with a group of awesome people, please reply to this thread, shoot me a PM, or contact singer Anomie (A-nah-mee) Fatale at 267-229-5345 or anomiefatale@gmail.com.

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