Hey guys.

Have two new songs here, genre is Punkrock or something like that.
If you haven't got GP6, please write me a pm.
I can send you the songs as MP3 files, with the lyrics in PDF-files ;D

Hope you like it

[Edit: Now added the GP5 files. Unfortunately it doesn't added the lyrics right, don't know why...so, if you need, I can give you the PDF ]


PS.: And C4C of course.
Best Friend Ever.gpx
Best Friend Ever.gp5
Going down tonight.gpx
Going down tonight.gp5
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You should upload it as gp5 as well since most people don't have guitar pro 6.
Also, you said you can send the files as MP3 files, is that a new feature in GP6? (just wondering since I was thinking of upgrading soon)
you can't export it as mp3, but as wav and then i converted it, cause the file is smaller in mp3
Dude, its a good song. But the intro acoustic guitar is a 90% replica of "Canon, in D". Seriously, it's the same progression. It sounds good, but it's incredibly close to plagiarism.

Btw; not trying to offend you, just want to make notice.
I gotta agree with christopher s up there, its basically the chord change from "canon" with the vocal melody and lyrical ideas from white lion's when the children cry.
wow, I've listened to the song now, but I must say, that I haven't heard it before.
You must know, a member of my band (he's my best friend, too) sang the melody. I showed him "when the children cry" and he also said, that he didn't know and didn't hear the song before.

And trust me, I was as much suprised as you, when I heard it.
Haha, have you ever heard Semi-Charmed Life? Listen to the intro to Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind, then listen to "Best Friend Ever" from bar 8 and on
Sounds great though
I wasnt accusing or anything, I was just pointing out the similarities, I mean its a cool song, but I have a feeling other people might notice that too so you might get in trouble haha.