hey everyone, well i play an Rga8 out of a 6505+ right now. got some bkps in their as well. im using a randall rt4x12 cx at the moment. it sounds decent but its not the proper punch im looking for. i really dont have a budget quite yet im just doing a bunch of research. i was looking at isp tech and they have a cab w 2x12 and a 15. i thought that would be perfect but i guess they dont make them anymore. i was also looking at the vader 2x15 the diezels and engl. basically i would like to hear everyones opinion on what a good cab for some groovy djent/death metal would be. thanks
Well Orange, Mesa, Bogner all make some sweet cabs. Or there's always Avatar, Mills, Whitebox, Saxon etc. etc.
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Dont buy the 2x15, its meant to be an extension.

But yes Vaders work well with Peavey, Emperor Cabs, Mills, Bogner Uberkab etc etc