Geezers Go! play heavy hitting, honest, beer'n'party crazed hard rock.

Geezers Go! was formed at the end of summer 2009, when two friends, Jukka and Petri, noticed their mutual interest in certain kind of rock music. Both being musicians, the next step was clear, it was time to form a band. Influnced by Peer Günt and Motörhead, the guys started rehearsing and got Henri Suomus, an old friend of Petri's, to play in the band.

Geezers Go! draw their influences from their good times filled and probably unhealthy lifestyles. As for the musical side of things Peer Günt, Melrose and Backsliders should be mentioned from the old Finnish hard rock gods. Throw in some Motörhead, ZZ Top, Rose Tattoo, Demeted Are Go and you might get the picture.

We currently have two demo/EP albums out and they are freely distributed through the net. So check us out!


Promo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyuYwZ4XjiM

Albums in zipped packages (192kbps mp3s)
"The Second Round" Brand new one from 2011
"Buy Me A Beer" The debut from 2010