Hey folks, I would have normally started this thread when I started the build... But it's been a long process.

The cabinet is 99% complete (there's some work to be done on finishing corners, cleaning excess glue, and adding corner protectors (and longer speaker cables).

I'll have the pictures of it being built from scratch shorty, but the photos are at my parents house... For now a few nearly finsihed products

- I Ripped off the dimensions of an Avatar Contemporary 2x12.
- Wood purchased at Homedepot
- Other materials ordered from Mojotone
- Speakers are from my Crate v33-212 (I'll be upgrading those speakers when I have the funds to do so.)
- I have a job doing junk removal, I found the Traynor at work (someone getting rid of it). 1969 Traynor YBA-1
- I had to do some work on the electronics for the head, there were some grounding issues, mostly related to all of the components being old and crusty.
- Issues solved