hey all,

I need some help!

Here's my background:
I learned piano when I was a kid and got pretty far with that. when I am on it, I know what keys to reach for when I hear a note in my head, I know my scales appregios and such on the piano.
I just can't get to the same level on my guitar.

My ear is pretty good, I have pretty good tone with my current setup.

On the guitar, I can do rhythm just fine, I can also create some slow improvs or slow solo lines.

1. I'm very limited when I improv, always only able to deliver a couple of boring licks.
- I tried to learn other people's licks (lick of the week and stuff) on youtube.. but I have problem incorporating them into my improvs.

2. I can play a melody that I hear on the guitar but I can't add the fast runs to make it cool sounding.
- I tried to learn the fast pentatonics stuff that's available everywhere, but I just can't get them to sound right when I practice, let alone putting them in my playing!

I don't know what I can do.. it's so hopeless.

Thanks everyone for helping.
improvisation takes lot of time to get used to with .i know why you bore because, your ear is not supporting the beginning stage of your improvisation .but you will get better day by day.

try to develop small part first, then the other day, try to add some more licks into it. don't try to complete your improvisation in just one day or one session .

know your modes well on your guitar. and try to cover all over the fretboard on a improvised solo.

you have a big plus that is piano. you can easily create some backing track with it, then try to improvise guitar licks with it slowly.
show us your youtube channel. so that we can hear your playings .feedback may help you to built guitar licks in a better way .
Why don't you work stuff out on paper first? Assuming that you know your theory and such, it shouldn't be a far stretch for you to just map out the keys of the piano to the strings of the guitar. Improvise a piano line, transcribe it, and then learn it on the guitar.