I've been getting into drop A a lot lately on my acoustic. It's a yamaha F335. What's the heaviest string gauge I could get to fit through the tuning posts? I've heard .070 doesn't fit.
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Or a bass... There are clever acoustic "baritone" guitars now that should be perfect....


Trying to put such extreme strings on a standard instrument may result in damage, even if tuned down, and will almost certainly require that the nut be re-slotted.
Seems to me if you are looking for a super-low range then either a 5-string acoustic bass or a baritone guitar would be the way to go.
Thought acoustic string we're .13 tops
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That's for the high "E". He's talking about the bass strings.

D'Addario "heavy" strings go from .014 to .059, for instance. I don't know where you'd go to get a .070 string... That's really extreme.