First off, I am a complete nub when it comes to amplification past my .. amp.

My situation, I am in a group right now, 3 others, me being the lead guitar. While we are only practicing, we are prepping for gigging. I was given two speakers (Fender 110XP's), and have absolutely no idea what I need to do to use with my amp (Fender 212r).

After reading the manual, I assume that I need a powered mixer of some sort, and I could daisy chain both speakers to the mixer. But I have absolutely no idea how to accomplish this.

If you could describe a setup, from guitar through pedals to amp to speakers, that would be awesome. Also, please suggest a mixer, as I do not know what to look for.
Thanks in advance!
So you mic the amp, and THAT goes to the mixer? Ah I see. Any suggestions for mics and mixers?
are the speakers in cabinets? or are they just speakers?
if theyr in cabinets you should be able to just run them from the speaker output/extension speaker jack on your amp (assuming it has one) make sure you use a speaker cable tho, not an regular instrument cable.
if they are just speakers, you will need to put them in a cabinet and plug that into the extension speaker jack.

if there is no extension speaker jack, the only thing you could really do is replace the speakers in your amp with them, unless you get someone to install a jack (or do it yourself)

that being said, a 2x12 should be fine for gigging, ive played a bunch of gigs with just my 2x12, and our rhythm guitarist uses a 2x12.

edit* oh theyr PA cabinets/speakers? i wouldnt bother with them then, most good venues mic up your amp and run it thru the house PA system.

if you really wanted to, like everyone said, mic the amp and run it thru a mixer out to the speakers
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I would assume they are just speakers. I also dont see any speaker output on the amp, I have a Fender 212r. What is a cabinet? I know an electrician that should be able to install a jack if thats what I need.
cabinet=wooden box that speakers are mounted in. imagine your amp was just a wood box with speakers and an input jack.
guitar cabinets are commonly 4x12 (four 12 inch speakers in one cabinet) or 2x12, sometimes 1x12 or 1x10 for smaller amp heads. your amp has 2 12 inch speakers, hence the name 212r.

if you do want more speakers, either find an empty 2x12 cabinet to put the speakers you have in, or get someone to build and wire one for you. make sure they are at least 50 watts each, and at least 8 ohms each. (should say on back of speaker.) ohms will be listed as a number (usually 4, 8, or 16,) followed by a greek omega symbol.
hope that wasnt too confusing

and yea, after googling pics i dont see an extension speaker jack either.
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i think it should be, but im not sure. definitely research it first.
it should just require cutting the speaker cable running to the speakers, and soldering a mono jack in (available at radioshack for like 2$ if i remember) the positive wire should connect to the tip (longer prong that touches the tip of the cable when its plugged in), and the negative to the sleeve (then solder the wire connected to the speakers onto the same spots on the jack). fif im correct this should give you a jack in parallel to your amps speakers, which will allow both to run at once or without the cabinet.

but again, definitely research it extensively first, as ive never wired in a speaker jack before.