I have a michael kelly patriot decree and about thirty minutes ago while playing the sound just cut off. I figured it was the cable so i played around with it then tried another, but it still didnt work. then I figured it was the amp so I plugged into my squire and it worked fine. all the volume knobs are up and everythings normal. I took the back pieces off but everything looked right to my untrained eye. does anyone know what it could be?
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Do you have active pickups? Your jack could be damaged or a wire could be loose.
What?! There's a clean channel on my amp?!

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Bad connection / cold solder joint.

Take the back off, and while it's plugged into the amp with a known good cable (KNOWN , not assumed) gently move the wires around whilst occasionally strumming. It's likely you'll find one that's disconnected or it will start working and you'll know where the problem is.

If not it's tech time. Bad solder joints can look perfect and still not be making a connection and only an ohmmeter will tell the truth.