I have an opportunity to pick one of these up for under $200 usd. I'm not a great player, just like to keep a beat when me and the boys get together. No gigging, just good old time jamming. We play everything from Blues to hard rock. I would be running this through a Trace Elliot GP12 SMX and a cheap crate 4 x 10.

Anyone have any experience with this bass? The few reviews I found were quite positive.
I played one and thought it felt amazing for the price it was. I have no idea about prices or where you live, but if that's a low price for it, then get it.
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For 200 yeah, I'd say go for it as long as it's in good shape.
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That BTB falls into a weid category... $200ish is about normal for one... but they're totally WORTH a whole lot more.

If it plays well, totally get it. You won't be dissapointed.
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You should get it if it play plays right.
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Unfortunately I did not even get a chance to play it. It was on craigslist and it was listed by this guy who is a bit strange. I've had encounters with him before, but this time he didn't put his name on the listing so I gave it a shot. He's always selling brand new, never used equipment for several hundred dollars below list. You contact him and after several e-mails, the equipment is either sold, or no longer available. It's people like this that give craigslist a bad name! I guess i'm stuck with my crappy Dean Edge for a little longer.
Ok. So I'm back on CL and see a Dean Edge Q5 for sale for $200 USD including hard case. As I mentioned I have the edge 1 and it is not great, but it did get me into playing the bass. It appears just about everyone on this site hates Dean Guitars, but I can't find a bad review on the Q5. It retails at GC for $549 with a list price of $800 +. It has active EMG -HZ pick ups. How bad can this be for this price? (rhetorical question!) I'm going to go have a look at this thing!
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It retails at GC for $549 with a list price of $800 +. It has active EMG -HZ pick ups. How bad can this be for this price? (rhetorical question!) I'm going to go have a look at this thing!

Don't even bother looking at list prices. The list price is MSRP, which really only makes street prices look comparatively cheap. The street price (price you pay) is the real going price, almost no one sells for MSRP. As for the EMG HZ pickups, they're rather bland and lifeless passives that don't do the EMG name justice. Not really great pickups tbh.

I'd just recommend avoiding Dean. You said you don't like your current Edge, and while there might be a diamond in the rough here and there, Dean has some of the most serious QC problems I've ever seen with a major brand.
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