basically im selling pretty much all of my gear to fund some new stuff, im going in to more hardcore/deathcore style,

Laney Lc50ii, is a really really good amp, im tempted to keep it so im not going to move on the price i set, the cleans are amazing, with the bright switch engaged its very trembly and 'twangy' (with the bridge pickup), with the bright switch turned off and with the neck pickup (i use seymour duncans) it is very full and warm sounding, i can provide audio samples if required but might take a day or two to record, the gain can go from classic rock all the way to death metal, i am only selling as im going to be gigging soon and ive purchased a bugera 6260 (which is 120 watt valve) and i need to extra umpfh for such high distortion (and crazy drumming),

Jackson Ke3 and ibanez s320 - i have already listed these previously, heres the link https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1418926,

if you were to purchase the laney it would be £550 new, im willing to sell for £350, if you would like delivery to within the UK or europe then you would have to arrange and pay for the courier (its not that hard, i might be willing to arrange it but its at the buyers cost)
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