Hey guys, I am playing a show soon and i am playing a song on bass (i play guitar) but i dont have a big amp big enough for the gig I have a Peavy Viper 75w can i play through that??
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If they have you going though a PA system then they might mic you up. In which case yes, the 75w will probably do.
if you read the FAQs on this forum, and you will see that if you like your guitar amp, you should never, ever, ever play a bass through a guitar amp....lol. :P
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Oh yeah jesus should have read closer!!! Don't play your bass through a guitar amp, wont do it any good, the amp not your bass. A guitar through a bass amp is fine but not the other way round.
Bass -> Guitar amp = ruined amp/tone.

The answer is a resounding 'no.'
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This has been asked millions of times and answered just as many.

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