I need help choosing a new set of pickups. I play an epiphone sg special through a line 6 spider IV 15 watt or a ashdown G60R usually. I play mainly 80's metal (Ozzy, Metallica, AC/DC,etc.) and some newer stuff such as avenged sevenfold ,bullet for my valentine,and Asking Alexandria. I really dont care about the price because i want a good tone really badly.
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i want a good tone

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line 6 spider IV 15 watt

I found the problem
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If you dont care about money and want good tone, forget pickups. Save up and buy a better guitar and a good tube amp. That's what all those guys use to get their tones. Don't waste time trying to force bad gear to sound good. Just get good gear.
You're not going to have a noticeable difference in tone by switching pickups with that amp.
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Well I have the ashdown g60r also which I have heard other guitars played out of and they sounded great played out of it.
ac/dc was metal?

you need a different amp. save up.
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