Made you look!

This funny little gadget arrived in the post today and, I have to admit, I am impressed. For all those who haven't guessed, this is a Vox Amplug for Bass which is great for practicing at home when people are about; its also good if you want to play your bass in a different room. Funnily enough my collection of basses and amps makes it very difficult to actually play the damn things in my room. It has volume, tone (like a passive tone pot) and gain. Boost the volume too much and it hisses horribly, boost the gain to much and you get solid state overdrive (not nice). It also has a 3 way switch: off, on and 'fx'. FX basically compresses your sound and boosts it to horrible clacky levels and drains the battery (2xAAA) faster while its at it, so methinks I'll leave it at on. I am rather impressed at the tone of this lil' thing, sounds better than most practise amps of twice the price. That said, it definitely colours your tone; the highs are very nice and clear, very hifi sounding; the mids are... there; the lows are a bit dark and undefined but it works well with the nice clean highs.

Verdict? For £40 its well worth having, especially if you pay the electricity bills.

Now where did I put the ****ing thing...
I've been looking for something like this. Is an AC adapter an available option, by chance?
Quote by VeloDog
I've been looking for something like this. Is an AC adapter an available option, by chance?

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'Fraid not, two AAAs or nothing. I don't think a power cable is a good idea as it doesn't take much to unplug this thing as I keep finding out. I've also found that the colour does NOT favour flatwound strings at all.
I played with one of these at a mates house at a party a couple of months ago. I don't know why it amused me so much, and I looked like a right prannick

Honestly can't say what I feel about it to be honest, I like the idea but I just can't justify purchasing one. This is coming from the same guy who currently doesn't have an amp and is using a Renault Clio soundsystem to practice....