I recently got a copy of Cubase and this is my first ever attempt at properly mixing something, it's just 30 seconds or so of the dissentience. But i'm not looking for feedback on guitar playing or anything like that, i purely want to know how the MIX sounds as i'm new to this and i want to make the best job i can out of future tracks.


ANY comments regarding production and mixing appreciated and c4c of course!

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The riff starting at 20 seconds in or so sounds a little muddy.. I'm not great at production by any means but the bass also doesn't really seem to stand out, however if the bass is playing the same line as the guitar, it's not surprising. Furtherrrr without the harmonies I'm used to in that song it's hard to tell whether the highs are good or not. The overall sound is decent though, just address how the lows 'meld together' if you can.

post if you need clarification, I'm not sure I can communicate my thoughts on this properly

check this out if you have time!