Hey, recorded this last night as a demo for a friend to write lyrics for. The guitar's a li'l out of tune and there are a few dodgy cuts but I'm just looking for feedback on the overall sound of the guitar and also how well the bridge fits as I pretty much came up with it on the spot.


C4C too!
Critting as I listen:

The beginning sounds like something Dashboard Confessional could have written, that's a good thing. The guitar sounds a bit hollow and empty, but I assume that would change If you start putting vocals on top.

I like the mellow part, where both guitars are separated. I also like how the guitar panned to the right has noticeably more reverb than the left, sounds interessting.

Not much going on at all, but that's because it's a acoustic popsong without vocals.

I like the transitions, they're sounding fine to me.

Ah, now the bridge.

Fits in good, I like it. Again, reminds me on Dashboard Confessional.

Not a biggie, but at the end the right guitar cuts of too early, that sounds strange

Alright, it's a solid song that will sound even better with vocals on top, the guitars sound fine, maybe a bit more mids, but then again, that's where usually the voice is mixed. Overall, I like it, and I'd defenetly would want to hear the finished product.


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