I'm thinking I might buy a small head and build 2 1x12 cabs for a mini stack. Just wondering who all sells these mini heads.
The ones I can think of are Marshal haze, jet city, orange,vox,traynor,Carvin

Who am I missing?
I mostly play hard rock and metal but I can boost said amp with a pedal if need be.
zvex, matamp, baron, reason, fargan, dr z...

also the all tube blackstar HT1 and HT5...
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I'm always hearing about the blackstar ones.
Think hayden do a small one as well.
Mesa does the TransAtlantic micro amp.

And, slightly on topic, I really want that Carvin V3m.
Ahh get the engl 315 , if its anything like my fireball it wont disappoint.
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Wow, I had no idea there was that many. Thanks

i blame the whole cranked tone at whisper volume BS floating around the interwebz.
Li'l night train is awesome for value, i use mine for everything and it suprisingly sounds great for metal (with a pedal).
Maybe an orange or a blackstar as well. Play them all.
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