Good evening UG Forum

I was looking for a tab for the Nandos Skank by Ed Sheeran.

The youtube clip is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DussnqvJy1g.

I was wondering if a person could tab it out for me in either GP format or normal tab format.

Could i also get the tuning aswell if thats possible

Thank you in advance

ha ha ha , love it.

im horrible at "earing" music, and tunings and what not so im not going to be much help, but .....

What you can see from the video is Capo 4th fret, C, F, G. Theres maybe some other chords but theres a lot of repetition and like i said i cant really tab by ear. Start with that and play around and hopefully someone can elaborate on it more.
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