I have for sale a Damage Control Solid Metal pedal.

It's in great condition and I do have the power supply with it. Loaded inside are 2 TungSol 12ax7's which also are relatively new but they can be taken out and swapped easily.

I'm asking $180 shipped. I will accept any reasonable offer as well. Now this is domestic US price. I will ship overseas but it will cost a bit more.

I really hate to see her go as it is a fantastic pedal but I'm really strapped for cash. This thing really does sound like a high-end tube amp so if you need a great distortion pedal I don't know of any better than this one.

Feel free to PM me here or e-mail me at dx0731@wayne.edu. I figured I'd come here with this great pedal before I go to eBay and craigslist.

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You don't happen to still have this do you?
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